A video recording of Shakespeare Napa Valley Student Company’s premiere of Romeo & Juliet. Live edited by The Streaming Theatre, this virtual performance is performed by NVC summer session students.


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Production Credits

Director – Jennifer King

Digital Director – Kevin Kemp of The Streaming Theatre

Fight Directors – Matt Cowell and Kevin Kemp

Assistant Director – Jessica Romero

Stage Manager – Mercedes Rivera

Sound Designer – Matt Cowell

Lighting Designer – Keira Sullivan

Costume Designer – Abra Berman

Scenic and Properties Artist – Tim Holtslag

Capulet Ball Composer and Musician – Mark Osten

Text Editors – Andy Murray and Jennifer King

Marketing Coordinator – Colette Schow


Cast Credits

Friar John/Gregory – Alex Corey

Paris/Samson – Arthur Mautner

Apothecary – Calaxander Bouwer

Capulet – Carter Sherwood

Balthasar/Peter – Cierra Olvarez

Friar Laurence – David Foushee

Montague – Jefferson Sbrissa

Nurse – Jessica Romero

Abram – Joe Palomeras

Juliet – Josephine Goldfarb

Lady Capulet – Madi Remigio

Mercutio – Phil Ferrero

Romeo – Pilar Gonzalez

Prince Escalus – Russel Melgar

Benvolio – Stephanie Terrado

Tybalt – Tiffany Tews


Special Thanks:

Festival Napa Valley

Arts Council Napa Valley

Napa Valley College District Auxiliary Services Foundation

Napa Valley Register

Richard Pallaziol

Robert Van der Velde


About Shakespeare Napa Valley Student Company

Part of the theater program at NVC, Shakespeare Napa Valley Student Company is a performance intensive, providing classical training through the rehearsal and performance of works written or influenced by William Shakespeare. The program offers opportunities for NVC students of varying experience levels to expand performance skills.